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4 Tips to Use Google+ to Stand out in Search

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | July 3, 2012 at 8:11 AM

photoPeople and businesses are obsessed with optimizing their websites to be the first in search engine results. With recent updates from Google (ie: penguin & panda) this has hindered some abilities. Those that have not been affected were people who had more of an effective content strategy. More on that in another post. Social Media is becoming more and more of an inflentual marketing medium.

Today, Google+ can help you not only compete but even help peat peoples natural inclination to go for one of the top three results. Here are 4 Google+ tips to help you stand out in search...

  1. Face the Facts: Google authorship markup puts the face of the author next to their results in search and can build your reputation across many pages, sites, and blogs you contribute to.google authorship resized 600
  2. Write something high quality: Since Google's Panda update, content is still king. But it's even more essential in social since people won't share things that don't give value. make sure you're saying something worth reading.
  3. Insert rel=author tags onto the page: Create a link to your Google+ profile somewhere on teh page - an 'about' box suites this well. The Code is: <a href="[Profile url]?rel=author">Google+</a> and you can get the profiel URL from your profile's address. Then on your google+ profile, make sure you've linked back to that article from the "contributor to" section. Use google's rich snippets to make sure google's getting the right information.
  4. Encourange People to Share and +1: Alongside the new author tags, those 'shared by' links that appear when content is posed by people within your network will also do wonders ad you become endorsed by people's social circles. But you can bet Google will favor the G+ based ones in time. so a +1 in search is as valid as anything and can add that social "nudge" to make your prospects click your link and not your competition.
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