Finally— the Pros Explain How it’s Done!

The Comprehensive Guide to Doing Keyword Research



You know keywords play a huge role in ranking on Google and search engines. But knowing you need keywords is an entirely different beast than finding the right keywords. After all, keyword research can seem like an elusive concept... But with the right know-how and tools, it’s really not. The problem simply lies in how far down you’re willing to dig.

Many marketers merely throw their competitors into SEMRush to steal their keyword ideas and call it a day. But when exclusively copy-catting your rival’s SEO strategy, how do you expect to outperform their already ranking content? Google wants original content that’s different from what’s already on the results pages, so good luck ranking when replicating...

It’s time you branch beyond competitor research alone and strategize your own unique keyword campaign. Only then can you capitalize on undiscovered ranking opportunities and truly talk to your audience’s unique needs. 

In this keyword research workbook— that’s right, we said workbook— you’ll find everything you need to complete your own advanced keyword build. This ebook contains step-by-step instructions with downloadable keyword research templates to not only learn how to do keyword research but to actually do keyword research.

In our Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research Workbook, we’ll help you:

  • Nail down your personas and their unique pain points across their buyer’s journey, so you know who exactly is searching for your products or services and how to meet their needs on Google.

  • Follow step-by-step instructions for building a keyword research plan, with downloadable templates for organizing your target keywords and neatly tying up your game plan— with a pretty-ass bow, and everything.

  • Leverage some of the best industry SEO tools, for tracking and monitoring your results using SMART goals.

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