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We All Want to Belong: Building a Successful, Sustainable Community

Want to rewatch our dad jokes, screenshot our action items, or take a closer look at our cat pics? You are more than welcome to watch the recorded event as many times as you'd like! Feel free to share it with friends or anyone who’s interested in building a community.

community led growth

As soon as Dharmesh Shah said "community" at INBOUND22, we knew we had a lot to say on the topic. Beyond the buzz, we wanted to demonstrate the building instructions for starting a community from the ground up. And that starts with the WHY, HOW and WHO. It also became the starting point for our full bootcamp.


the CRM-Powered Community for HubSpot

Our Pick for HubSpot Community Building Tech

We've believed in the power of community for a long time. That's why we built cohortium, a 100% HubSpot-hosted community built to manage relationships between people, the topics they love, and the cohorts they value.

If at any point you caught yourself thinking,
“I wish we had more time to go deeper…”
We totally agree! 55 minutes went by in a flash. 

We’d love to see you at our new bootcamp – Building Community for Marketing Sales & Service BootCamp with HubSpot Academy, which starts on February 1, 2024

Over this 6-week live training, you’ll dive into:

  • What is Community Today - Intro to the power of modern community
  • Using Your CRM (+the right tech stack) to Power Your Community
  • Starting Your Community - Baby steps to define the process
  • Growing & Maintaining Your Community - Scaling for results
  • Measuring the Success of Your Community - Setting goals and the right KPIs
  • And so much more!