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Imagine if your sales team could walk into the office each day with meetings already booked for them. We're not talking about meetings that someone else scheduled that works an overnight shift, but by a bot that runs on your website 24/7.

Why We Love Drift

Drift is a modern marketing, sales, and support super-highway to enhance the prospect to customer experience. By Implementing it into your website you'll instantly start shrinking your sales cycle, increasing your website conversion rates, and gain some amazing intelligence into your users and their needs.

There's a reason using Drift starts to be addicting. It's like a treasure trove of information that you never knew could be available with other marketing tools.

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Automatically book meetings for your sales team

Automatically book meetings for your sales team

Imagine if your sales team could walk into the office each day with meetings already booked for them by a bot that runs on your website 24/7. ever.

Drift conversational marketing reporting

Dashboards for Measuring ROI

For decades, we’ve argued about how marketing and sales have influenced revenue. Now marketers can talk about how many dollars they’ve generated with chat tools.


Route conversations with Drift

Bots route conversations based on your rules

However you route new leads in your CRM — you can use the same logic with Drift. By territory, company size or whatever.

Help With Drift

Direct, one-on-one messaging is bypassing our clogged inboxes and unanswered phones to become the world’s preferred way to communicate. And better communication means a faster, more efficient buyer’s journey in which you’re uncovering the right questions and tactics to deliver the most relevant message possible to potential customers.

What sounds like a fancy subsection of marketing is essentially the same chatboxes we’ve been using for years (except smarter and sleeker). The progression of AI technology has not only made chatbots an awesome customer service option, they’re also quickly becoming a mandatory requirement of next-level sales and marketing.

With the right conversational marketing chatbots in place, you can answer every common question, qualify leads, set meetings and more, while your business benefits from strangers turning into customers, faster.

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Get instant access to 20 chatbot tutorials & templates that we implement for our clients

Here are just some of the templates you'll get:

The Subscriber

The Pillar Page Converter

The Surveyor

The Meeting Helper

The Demo Bot

The A-Lead Connector

The Greeter

and more...

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