Testimonial - Avatar

Module Example:


Module Fields:

testimonial-avatar-settingsTestimonial Quote

Enter the testimonial or quote that you received.


If you'd like to credit the testimonial to someone, enter their name here.

Company & Position

Enter the position and/or the company name.

Testimonial Image

Choose an image to display for the person. We recommend a photo that includes more of a upper body or full body view rather than a headshot. 

Alt Text

The alt text you want to use for your image.



Style Options


Override default style

Enabling this option will allow you to override default theme styles. Disabling this option will reconnect the module back to the default theme styles.

Accent Color

This controls the color of the small divider line and the large quote icon.

Font Color

This controls the color of the font in the testimonial module.


Recommended Module Usage:

  1. Ideal: Span 12
  2. Minimum: Span 12
  3. Maximum: Span 12