How to create events

For Zoom Users: You will need to set up a Zoom Meeting Number, Zoom SDK Key, and Zoom SDK Secret

How to setup a Zoom Webinar
How to create a SDK Key and Secret

URL to start building app

How to create an event with the UI of Hubspot

1. Underneath Contact and Custom Objects go to “Events”

2. Click create “Events” in the top right corner. “Name” is the only required field.

How to setup your event

1. Go to your event record
2. FiIll out the fields required for your webinar (Webinar Provider, User Email, User Full Name, Zoom SDK Key, Zoom SDK Secret, and Webinar ID.
3. Fill in the fields that provide styling to your (Image, Description. Start Date, Start time, End time)
4. Save changes to your Hubspot Record.

Buttons will automatically display and can be edited within theme settings register or attend.