How to manually add a certificate to a My Course Record

You might have to manually add a certificate for a learner who has completed a course. You can do this via the "My Course" object.

  1. Go to the "My Course Record" that needs to have a certificate.
  2. Change the status to "Certification."
  3. Change the course URL to "certificate/record_id" (of the "My Course" object).

If a "My Course Record" has not already been created, you can create it via the Hubspot UI or by importing it.

The associations needed for the "My Course Record" are

  • Contact
  • Course

If you manually create a "My Course Record," the properties you will need to have for a certificate to show are below.

The properties needed for a My Course Record to show a certificate.

  • Contact Name
  • Course Name (This property comes from the associated course object)
  • Course URL (certificate/record_id)
  • Status (Certification)