How to use Events (Live Trainings in HubLMS Enterprise)

Events can be used to provide on demand or live training to your learners. Events can be a part of a course or standalone.

Objects Used:

Association Labels:
Events to Contacts Registered
Events to Contacts Attended
Events to Courses Required
Events to Courses Not Required

Description - A brief explanation of the events. Shows on the event page.
End Time - The end time of the event
Image - The image of the event that shows up on the event page
Image Thumbnail - An image that shows up on the
Is Hidden - Hides a event from the event listing page
Is On Demand - Signals if a event is open to viewers after the recording date.
List IDs - Internal Hubspot lists IDs that give certain groups of people access to sign up for an event.
Name - Name of the event
Recording URL - URL that stores the recording of the event
Start Date - The start date of the event
Start Time - The start time of the event
Tags - Ways to organize your events in the event listing module
User Email - The admin of the webinar account’s email
User Full Name - The name of admin of the webinar accounts email
Webinar Provider - The webinar provider you intend to use to host webinars. Currently Zoom Webinars is the only.

Attended Events - Shows the events that a learner has attended
Event Display - Used for the dynamic events page to show the details of the event
Event Listing - Used to show all events both past and future

Pages Used:
Events - A dynamic page that shows the event and also is the place where learners register and enter live training.

Set up your dynamic page with data source being “Events” and Dynamic Page Slug as “Record ID”.