How to use Training Plans in HubLMS Enterprise

Training Plans

Training plans can be used to group courses together that you want to offer to learners.

Object Schema and Association Labels for Training Plans

Objects used
Training Plans

My course records are created once a leaner clicks on begin course from a course within a training plan. 

Association Labels:
Currently no custom association labels exist, except for the standard association.

Properties used:
Path name: Thumbnail image used on the my training plan.

Is hidden:

How to create a training plan with the UI of Hubspot

1. Underneath Contact and Custom Objects go to “Training Plans”

2. Click create “Training Plan” in the top right corner. “Plan name” is the only required field.

Modules Used: Link to modules page
Assign a training plan
Create a training plan
My training plan courses
My training plan listing
Training plan detail
Training plan listing