Taxonomy of HubLMS

  1. Student Dashboard: Personalized area where logged-in learners can see their training plans, course progress, other resources, upcoming/past events, earned certifications, and more.

    1. Training Plan: A group of courses that can be assigned to learners.

    2. Course: A guided learning experience through pre-recorded videos, written content, and other embedded content. Can be a standalone course or part of a training plan.

      1. Category: Chapters/groups of lessons within a course.

        1. Lesson: Individual sections of training that make up a course.

          1. Quiz: Knowledge checks at the end of lessons.

      2. Final exam: A test at the end of course.

        1. Certification: An official document attesting to a status or level of achievement after passing a final exam.

    3. Event: On-demand or live training that can be associated with a course/or standalone. 
  2. COMING SOON: Manager Dashboard