What page templates are used in HubLMS

Pages Used in the LMS

  • Certificates. This is a dynamic page that shows the certificate after a learner has passed a final exam. 
  • Certificate Share. Where a learner can share or download the certificate. 
  • My Certificate. A page that shows the certificates a learner has earned historically. 
  • Course Details Page. A page is used to create and display course information for learners to take. 
  • Course Listing. Sometimes called a “course catalog,” this is where a learner can view all of the courses they can take. 
  • Home/Dashboard. First point of entry for learners. Can be customized with different modules.
  • Resources. Handouts and useful materials that can be used to help facilitate learning, but can be used outside of an educational environment as well. 
  • Profile Page. Where the learner goes to update personal information that is saved back to the contact record in HubSpot.