Hi. 👋 I'm Russell.

Meet the crew of Impulse Creative. Our #9to5, and our #5to9.

Russell Benzing

Web Developer

I make things which makes people happy.

(Russell writes code, builds website and web apps and more for our clients.)

My #9to5:
  • I work with 3-5 languages daily
  • I drink more coffee than the typical American
  • My mind uses both sides to mash together a beautiful collage of logic and design
  • I take concepts and turn them into reality
  • I also run the IT Department
My #5to9:
  • I take long walks on the internet
  • I enjoy music production and when I have spare time I can be seen making EDM in my home studio
  • I am passionate about my family outdoor activities (when the weather is nice in Florida)
  • Hacking technology is my second life profession I really enjoy taking things apart to see how they work or enhancing them
  • I am an extreme bicyclist and have mountain biked trails throughout Florida
  • I used to own a Drone and Hoverboard store in our local mall and still build custom drones and hoverboards when I can
Russell enjoying family time in the summer

Enjoying a long walk with my family.

Outside is where we love to be.