How to Send my HubSpot CMS Personal API Key

In order to have the HubLMS imported into your portal we will need you to configure your Personal CMS Access Key

We recommend using the Personal CMS access Key instead of the HubSpot API key as it will allow for limited scope into the portal.

In order to configure your Access Key Follow these steps.

1. Go to the Personal CMS Access Key Configuration Page

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.12.50 PM

2. Choose at Minimum the Permissions Below

  • Design Manager Permission
  • File Manager Permission

3. Click Generate Personal CMS Access Key

4. Click "show" on the Access Permission Key

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.13.59 PM

5. Click the "copy" link and then paste that key into the email inquiry to send the access key to the sprocket talk team.

The Team will respond with next steps.

Alternatively. You can provide access to the contact provided in the introduction email and we can take these steps.