Thinkific vs HubLMS Comparison

HubLMS is a theme and module built on the HubSpot CMS vs Thinkific as another platform to integrate.

I'm obviously more familiar with HubSpot's features but what i've seen with building in Thinkific is that the "data" is held hostage and the Upsells prevent you from getting lesson nurturing etc.

Perks of the HubLMS setup are as follows:

  1. 100% of your data is in HubSpot. Nothing to integrate (except stripe for payments)
  2. You have the ability to have unlimited courses and automation such as lesson nurturing, reminders to return to the course etc
  3. A majority of the features that you see in “Thinkific Pro” are all possible with HubSpot CMS + HubLMS — The catch is you have to build the workflows and lists.
  4. Full control over the experience.

Cons (as of now): 

  1. Payments require a Zapier Zap or Deposit fix to push to hubspot (for now)
  2. The quiz feature is limited to 1 question per lesson.