The Art of Sales Follow Up

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SalesWebinar-BlogCTA-OnDemand-01@2xWe want to help your business grow. A critical part of growth - sales - is often pushed aside, automated, chaotic or mediocre at best. You don't want that for your business, do you?

Come join us for a live webinar to learn why sales follow up is broken, how to fix it and where to start today. All education, no sales pitch.

Impulse Creative Growth Strategist and sales thought leader Jackie Pfriender shares her experience, her process and her love of sales in this insightful webinar. You don't want to miss this.

Who's On This Webinar?


Jackie Pfriender

Growth Strategist, Impulse Creative

Jackie rocks the Impulse Creative Sales Operations from her remote office in Pennsylvania. This Widener University alum is an agency veteran who uses her vast experience to exceed client goals and boost their bottom lines.

When she’s not finding creative solutions and charting a course for our clients, Jackie is a fun-loving mom and avid yogi (with a wicked awesome New Jersey accent) who loves live music, books, food and any chance to break a sweat. Fun fact: Jackie learned sign language as a child and is now teaching it to her own daughter.

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danDan Moyle

Webinar Host, Impulse Creative

Dan is Impulse Creative's Growth Marketer. He's also co-host of the Wayfinding Growth podcast, host of The Storytellers Network podcast, and all around jabber-jaw. But he means well.

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