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HubSpot Reporting Essentials

A practical course for finding and implementing reports to measure the metrics that matter

Dan Moyle

Beginner HubSpot Users
Intermediate HubSpot Users

Use HubSpot reporting to tell a compelling story backed by facts.


Manage Data in HubSpot

Tell Data Stories with Reports

Use Template & Custom Reports

Build the Best Dashboards

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Course Overview:

  • How to Measure what Matters
  • How HubSpot Collects Data
  • Set Yourself Up for Reporting Success
  • All the HubSpot Reports You Didn’t Know Existed
  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • How to Create a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Functions
  • Adding Reports to a Dashboard
  • Create a Dashboard for Marketing
  • Create a Dashboard for Sales
  • Create a Dashboard for Leadership
  • Analytics Tools Intro
  • Traffic Analytics (Marketing)
  • Sales Analytics & Sales Content (Sales)
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Other HubSpot Reporting Gems
  • Build Your Own Basic HubSpot Reports - Intro
  • Single Object Reports
  • Funnel Reports
  • Attribution Reports
  • Intro to HubSpot Custom Reports
  • Multi-Object Reporting
  • HubSpot Datasets
  • How to Create a Custom Report
  • Data Visualization
  • Custom Report Example for Marketing
  • Custom Report Example for Sales
  • Custom Report Example for Executives