Hi. 👋 I'm Audrey.

Meet the crew of Impulse Creative. Our #9to5, and our #5to9.

Audrey Katelyn DeMartinis

Director of Projects

I run the project side of the business. I organize the people and the projects. I am the advocate for the client and make sure they get everything they need by keeping our team on schedule and within your budget.

My #9to5:
  • Set up projects.
  • Keep projects organized.
  • Keep projects within scope and budget.
  • Create and uphold the process for the project team.
  • Be the advocate for the client.
My #5to9:
  • Mommy of Twins 👶🏻👶🏻, I am obsessed with them.
  • Lover of wine🍷!
  • Disney fanatic 👸.
  • Enjoy relaxing by the pool or beach🏖.
  • Enjoy gardening🌷.
twins - Audrey DeMartinis
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My world, my twins.

Twins + Disney!