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15 Inbound Marketing Halloween Costumes that Will Delight All Your Coworkers

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | October 23, 2018 at 4:58 PM

It’s officially spooky season, y’all! And if you’re as competitive as I am when it comes to Halloween costume contests, you’ll wanna keep reading this blog.

This one’s for all you inbound marketers out there looking to impress your boss and coworkers on Halloween. Here are 15 Inbound Marketing inspired costume ideas you can easily throw together for work that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face:

1. Snapchat Filter

Shout out to Snapchat filters for giving us that beautiful glow and animal ears to help hide the after effects of hitting the snooze button too many times in the morning. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

How about bringing that Snapchat filter to life for Halloween? You can easily pull this off with some animal ears, a dotted nose, flower crown, winged eyeliner… you name it. There’s so many Snapchat filters to choose from, so pick one you love and rock it! You could go even further and create a cardboard prop to make it look like you’re inside the Snapchat app. This could also be a great opportunity to promote your business’ snapchat name like the example below.

Snapchat Halloween costume

2. Social Butterfly

All you social media nerds out there, this one’s for you! This is great costume you could dress up as on your own or with a group of coworkers. Pick your favorite social media platform to dress up as, add some butterfly wings to it, and boom. You’re a social butterfly.

Don’t have fun friends who are willing to dress up with you? Just tape multiple social media logos to yourself, add wings, and consider getting new friends.

Social butterflies halloween costume

3. Error 404 

If you’re lazy and/or not a very festive individual (or maybe you’re just super busy), but still want to participate, I’ve got just the Halloween costume for you. I swear it requires minimal effort.

Step 1: Get a plain white T shirt. Don’t own a plain white T? Purchase one for very cheap at your local Walmart or GoodWill OR turn an old white T shirt you already own inside out. (OMG the girl writing this blog is a genius and so frugal!)

Step 2: Grab a sharpie and simply write “Error 404. Costume Not Found” on your shirt. And high five! You did it. Don’t expect to get first place, though. (Just being honest.)

404 halloween costume

4. Long Tail Keyword

Where are my SEO nerds at? Here’s a Courtney from Impulse Creative original costume idea that requires minimal effort, but is super fun and punny. All you need to do is purchase a fake tail from any Party City, Walmart, Halloween store, or Amazon (you could also improvise and make your own using a feather boa and string), and hot glue a piece of paper on the tail that reads “keyword.”

Your coworkers will be so impressed, mostly because this is totally original. I mean, I had to improvise hard to provide a visual example because the internet hasn’t discovered this costume idea yet (and my Photoshop skills are extremely below average).

Longtail keyword halloween costume

5. Instagram Photo

All my crafty friends out there, go grab yourself some cardboard, scissors, and paint. You could totally trick your friends into thinking you have 3 million followers on Instagram with this one. All you need to do is get a large rectangular piece of white cardboard, cut out a square in the middle of the board, and draw or paint the outsides with the Instagram logo, likes, fun caption, and more.

You could also get some brownie points from your boss by branding your prop with your company’s logo, Instagram handle, and more. Your coworkers might call you a brown noser for doing that, but they’re probably just jealous they didn’t think of the idea first.

Instagram halloween costume

6. Spam

As an inbound marketer, there’s nothing we hate more than spam. It goes against everything we stand for, am I right? Why not make things interesting in the office by triggering your coworkers with a spam costume!

Couple ways you could approach this. You could either print out a bunch of spam emails and tape them all over yourself or you could take the pun route and actually dress like a can of spam. I prefer the latter.

Spam halloween costume

7. Conversational Marketing Bot

If you don’t know by now, conversational marketing is HUGE! It provides immediate gratification for site users and allows you to gain leads in your sleep. An Inbound Marketer’s best friend, basically. Take Halloween to the next level with another Courtney original costume idea by dressing up as the conversational marketing bot!

All you need is some cardboard boxes wrapped in tin foil, aluminum air ducts for the arms, and a printed out live bot conversation to tape to the front. Again, let me reiterate that this is a Courtney original costume that the internet has yet to discover, so please don’t judge my lack of Photoshop skills for the example below, LOL.

Conversational marketing bot halloween costume

8. Hashtags

Hashtags are great for putting conversations into one spot, discoverability, social engagement, and also, Halloween costumes. Just like the spam costume, there’s two ways you could tackle this costume. You could literally dress up as a hashtag with a DIY giant construction paper prop or simple hash sign on a plain T shirt, OR you could get super creative with your work buddy and dress up as two hash browns playing tag. This also makes a great couples costume for all you Jim and Pam’s out there.

Hashtag halloween costume(Photo via Instagram: @thinkingcloset)

9. The Cloud 

Where are my team Apple people at? Make Steve Jobs proud by dressing up as “the cloud.” Simply gather a bunch of polyester fiberfill (you can purchase this at Walmart or any craft store), hot glue it all together to form a cloud shape, attach it to an old hoodie, and add printed out photos to represent your personal iCloud.

You could also connect this to your brand by printing out screenshots of work files, team photos and additional images you might have saved in your work cloud.

The Apple Cloud Halloween costume(Photo via Instagram: @powermovesandpumps)

10. Copycat 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? So hopefully this stranger I found on Pinterest won’t mind if you steal her clever copycat costume idea! Oh, the irony... All you need to do is throw on some cat ears, draw some whiskers on your face, and attach a piece of paper to your shirt that reads “ctrl + c.” So simple!

Also, can I get a moment of silence for “ctrl + c” button making our work lives a little easier?

copy cat costume

11. Brainstorm

There’s nothing like a good brainstorm and collaboration sesh to help spark your creativity as an inbound marketer. Whether it’s coming up with an email subject email line, social media campaign, or blog topic, our inbound marketers are constantly brainstorming to ensure we’re feeding audiences content that’s creative and engaging. So why not dress the part this Halloween?

Just gather some of that polyester fiberfill I mentioned earlier, glue it together in a cloud shape on an old hat, attach some clear hanging strings, and place that bad boy on top of your noodle. You could also spice this costume up with a gray shirt and taped on lightning bolt that you could easily make out of construction paper.

Brainstorm halloween costume idea

12. Web Server

Whether you use Safari, Google Chrome, or FireFox, this costume does not discriminate. Unless you still use AOL… in that case, it might be time to upgrade, my friend. Throw together your best “server” attire with an apron and tray, paint some spider web designs on your clothes using silver, glittery fabric puffy paint, and you’re officially a “web server.” Easy, punny, and creative!

Web server halloween costume

13. Web Designer 

No inbound marketing team is complete without a web designer. It’s an essential service that helps enable organic growth and an overall better user experience. Take this position to another level this Halloween with this creative costume idea.

All you need is a Spiderman mask and some art supplies. You could take this costume even further by adding some Bob Ross features to it with a curly wig, beard, and paint pallet. Get the completed kit here. Your coworkers will love this one!

Web Designer halloween costume

14. A Stock Photo

This might be my favorite costume idea. Everyone loves a good, cheesy Stock photo. Trigger some LOLs in the office with this hilarious costume by simply picking out a totally posed “candid” stock photo (I promise this isn’t hard to do), print it out on a large poster, and cut out a spot to fit that beautiful face of yours.

Don’t have the right printer to do this? Print it out at a local Walgreens or Office Depot. The employees might judge you, but we won’t! And it’ll be totally worth it because this is honestly first place material.

Stock photo Halloween Costume

15. Low Battery/Low WiFi

Wanna scare the sh*t out of your coworkers? I’ve got just the idea. Dress up as a low battery or low WiFi -- an inbound marketer’s worst nightmare, but honestly, everyone in the 20th century’s worst nightmare.

Grab some large construction paper, scissors, and markers (or paint), and go to town. You could go even further by adding some spooky face paint to go with the “dead” theme, but either way, this costume is scary AF.

Low Battery and WiFi Halloween costume

Get Spooky

Hopefully these inbound marketing inspired costumes helped spark some creativity. Whichever costume you decide to go with, just know that we’re proud of you. Have any other inbound marketing costume ideas that weren’t mentioned on this list? Leave us a comment below!

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