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3 Ways to Add White Hat Links to Your SEO Strategy

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | January 13, 2016 at 8:30 AM

Strategy_for_Sales_SEO.jpgAny SEO expert worth their pay will tell you to avoid a “get to the number one spot fast!” link building campaign. Afterall, Google dislikes it so much that they’ve created multiple algorithms to find and penalize people to attempt this type of strategy. While it’s never the right answer to attempt to trick Google into an artificially high rank, having quality backlinks pointing to your website is still one of the best ways to rank well. So, what’s a smart inbound marketer to do? Link building doesn’t have to be synonymous with dirty, disgraceful, Black Hat SEO. In fact, there are still several ways to build a quality backlinking profile without any underhanded tactics being used at all:

#1 Blog Community Based Backlinks

Blogging communities are just as big as ever in 2016 and can be used to your advantage. We recently discussed one of our favorites, Medium, but there’s plenty more. Blogging communities provide you a healthy backlink and also drive a ton of traffic to your website, if used properly. Most groups carry good page authority because of the high level of engagement they nurture. There’s nothing wrong with using this type of backlinking if you’re posts are relevant and engaging instead of spammy.

#2 Building Links By Submitting Guest Articles

Have you tried guest blogging for someone else’s site yet? It’s definitely worth the effort, guest blogging is still one of the best ways to build a quality backlink. The trick behind guest blogging is not to try to put keyword stuffed backlinks but genuine links pointing to the main site. This approach will get you more guest posts submitted and also earn you an authoritative name with Google. Beyond the SEO value, guest blogging also creates awareness of your blog and will hopefully earn you a lot more subscribers.

White_Hat_SEO.jpg#3 Backlinks From Submission Sites

Once upon a time, there were content sites in the past that were penalized by Google which created a negative impact on our blogs and websites. This made many bloggers and marketers too scared to continue to use them, and rightfully so. However, top content sites that use a different medium when compared to blogs and website generate massive traffic as high quality links as well. For instance, you could focus on PDF hosting sites or sites that distribute free eBooks and have your content circulated with links pointing back to your blog. Be careful and do your research before using any, since there are still sites that are considered spammy and you do not want to end up your stuff being submitted there.

Link building has always been the backbone of a high organic ranking. No matter how Google altered its algorithm it always made sure that backlinks had the highest value to rank any website on the internet. It’s just the strategies that have changed.

Unfortunately for non-SEO experts, backlinking isn’t the only thing that’s changed in recent years. It can be difficult to keep up! Don’t worry though, Impulse Creative can help. Download our free eBook Modern SEO today and stay up-to-date with the most current trends in the SEO world.

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