Juli Durante

Juli Durante is an always-curious marketer interested in the big picture of marketing and sales to help companies drive big revenue. A HubSpot user since 2011, Juli’s deep understanding of inbound marketing campaigns furthers Impulse Creative’s mission of helping businesses grow better.

Campaign Strategy Is The Tactical Approach Your Marketing Needs Now

Content Strategy versus Campaign Strategy might not be the debate you thought you’d be reading about today, but quite often, when we analyze inbound marketing programs with our clients, we find that they have tons of content that’s underperforming.

Beyond BuddyPress: Alternative Online Community Management Platforms

BuddyPress is often considered one of the most accessible and highly-rated community management or...

The 4-Step Marketing Budget Process That Will Let You Win in 2020

The marketing budget. You have it in hand, you look at it, and you think one of a few things. If...