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Google Analytics Won't Keep You Waiting.

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | October 19, 2011 at 2:30 AM

Google is also making headlines with the release of “Google Analytics Real-Time.” You’re now able to see how your search marketing campaigns impact your web traffic as it’s happening. Several companies offer real-time web analytics data, but not for free. “Google Analytics Real-Time” is free. To see more about Google Analytics, visit google.com/analytics or Call us today and we'll install tracking on your existing website so you can begin tracking progress and results!

For customers who want extra processing power, advanced analysis and 24/7 support, “Google Analytics Premium” is now available for a fee of $150,000 per year. This is the first time Google has offered a paid analytics service and obviously, this is for high-dollar businesses and large agencies.