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Don't Miss Out! Urgency Works In Email Drips

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | April 10, 2017 at 9:00 AM

The marketing funnel it’s a powerful thing if done right. It’s so powerful my boss even made it the logo for this kick ass place I work.

There any many parts to a properly functioning funnel and they all have to be working in unison, just like a car engine. If one thing is not working correctly, everything else is affected and the car turns into a big paperweight.

One of the most important parts of a finely tuned marketing funnel is the email drip campaign.

The prospect just converted on your awesome landing page and you sent them a super valuable offer like an ebook, webinar, or swipefile. Now that we know they are interested, it’s time to turn that browser into a buyer and move them down our funnel. This is when we start our automated email drips.

But what do you put in your email drips?

Common practice is to send them relevant blog posts, testimonials, case studies, free shipping or something else that entices them to come back to your site and purchase. While these are all good touch points and tools that could lead them to a purchase, something else is even more powerful.


Urgency triggers a deep-down psychological emotion that pushes us to act. If something is going to run out or expire, we tend to act quickly and make a decision. We are wired to take advantage of things when they are available. It might go all the way back to our caveman days when food migrated through a territory. Who know’s, I’m no historian, but I am a marketer that knows how to engage with emotions and instincts.

After a person downloads your super valuable free offer, send them a Thank You Email that thanks them, delivers the offer and gives them a special bonus for a limited time. You might want to offer them 25% OFF the product you’re trying to sell if they act in the next seven days.

During that seven-day push, send them an email at two days asking how they liked the free offer and remind them they have five days left to save 25%. Then two days before the discount expires, remind them again, then again with one day left, then again on the last day and really push that urgency. This is a powerful strategy that will help you to close faster and at a higher rate.

After the discount offer expires, you can continue to send them the other drip emails about testimonials, case studies and relevant blog posts. You could also send them another type of super valuable free ebook and see if they download that, which would put them into another funnel with a new sense of urgency.

Give this strategy a try the next time you’re building out a marketing funnel. I have a feeling you’re going to see some nice conversions as a result.