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Three Qualities to Look for in a Good Web Designer

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | January 13, 2014 at 4:17 PM
lego-binoculars-medium_5696097036By now, you know the pithy quote: If you don't have a website, you don't exist. But simply operating your own site isn't enough to win over web users who are likely even more fluent in online culture and aesthetics than you are. There's no mystery behind why companies like Google and Apple stick to simplicity for their designs. Web users are in perpetually in a rush, which means they simply don't have time to enjoy the lush lay of the land.

That's why the future of the Internet is very much in the hands of web design teams. You can partner up with the best digital marketing agency to get your site out there, but if users aren't visually engaged as soon as they click on your site, you've probably already lost them forever. Visual marketing is everything. But what makes a good web designer from the start?

General experience

Whether you're searching for a good logo design that'll help you stand out or a full website facelift, look no further than professional design agencies in your area. Chances are, there are plenty to choose from, but you can't just pick the one with the coolest name (tempting as it might be). You've got to do a bit of probing into the company's backstory.

How long have they been operating? How many members are on the team? What kind of experience have they had working with clients in your particular industry? These are all important questions to ask up front, so you can be sure you're getting all your needs met right out of the gate. The most important of these, of course, is the matter of experience.

Knowledge of key principles

This is more rudimentary, and pretty much every professional web designer should be very fluent in myriad design programs and techniques. But it always helps to ask. Good web design principles are rarely innate, which means they almost always have to be learned. As such, inquire into the learning process. What program(s) did they study under? Where did they learn how to design a good logo? The important details can contain all the clues that should point to a successful business partnership in the future.

Creativity and ambition

Just like education and experience go into what makes a good web designer, so does having plenty of drive to create something that's both accessible and yet completely extraordinary. Sometimes customers don't need to be wowed with web design -- indeed, on occasion, it's better to simply opt for functionality. But it's also essential to understand where creative opportunities can arise and how to pursue them. Following the principles of good web design will only get you so far before you run into stale, worn-out work.

BONUS: Consultative Approach

Another important approach is understanding your needs as a company. There are many "web designers" that can be glorified photo-copiers and give you exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to ask their opinion (and demand an answer). After all, you should be hiring them for their expertise, and they should want to know your goals, and provide value that goes beyond what your 'looks' like.

In the end, it's your business and it's your vision. You can outfit your website with all the difference specifications you choose and will likely find a design agency that will do exactly that for you. Before you do any hunting, however, it's always important to review precisely what makes a good web designer in the first place.

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