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Women of Inbound - What to Expect at #INBOUND19

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | August 19, 2019 at 8:11 AM

Preparing for a week-long conference as a woman is different than for guys. Men and women are different, right? πŸ˜†

Jenn and Courtney - what to expect at #INBOUND19 as women of inboundBut in all seriousness, it really is different for us. So #WomenofINBOUND ... how do you prepare for a conference? 

The ladies of Impulse Creative (and the voices of the Maiden Voyage podcast) have been to INBOUND more than a few times between us all. So I asked them what they did to prepare for their experiences, and we came with a few tips, suggestions, and a little perspective on what to expect at #INBOUND19 and how to prepare.

What to Expect at #INBOUND19 as a #WomanofINBOUND

Just like other major events (sporting events, concerts), the bathroom lines are crazy long between sessions. Leave your session early if you really have to go.

Despite the bathroom situation, be sure to hydrate.

Danielle says don't count on options for dietary restriction solutions. They're great, but not perfect. Come prepared and give yourself time to find alternatives.

Wear comfortable shoes, don’t opt for heels. And bring multiple pairs of comfy shoes. You're going to walk. A ton. Jenn packs her foldable Tieks flats in case her other shoes rub and give her blisters.

And sometimes you're just going to get blisters. It's wise to have an anti blister balm or blister bandages in your purse. And sticking with your feet, Put shoe cushions in your shoes too.

Speaking of purses, Rachel cautioned against bringing a heavy or large purse. Try minimalist, or a small-to-medium backpack. 

In that bag, it might be wise to bring Advil, Pepto, other digestive aids or other medications. 

Another purse or bag must-have is tissues. You don't want to look for scratchy napkins.

Have fun and take lots of silly photos!

Jackie and Courtney - what to expect at #INBOUND19 as women of inbound

Don’t go wild on jewelry. One of our Impulse ladies said, "I always feel uncomfortable leaving expensive pieces in my hotel room so I try to wear neutral necklaces/earrings/rings that match all my outfits I packed."