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Logo and Visual Identity

The Visual Representation of Your Brand Story, Woven into Everything Your Organization Does.

Your Brand, Visualized

Your brand story communicates who you are, while helping your audience to recognize you anywhere. Writing your brand story is one step, visualizing it is another. The objective of your visual identity is to create consistency everywhere your company is seen. 

Logos are often the starting point for visual identity, and for a good reason: the β€œSwoosh” might be more recognizable than the word β€œNike,” after all. Wrapping your brand story into a single symbol can be a challenging task, which is why other components of visual identity are there to support it. Ultimately, the goal of visual branding is to encompass a broad spectrum of branded graphic elements that tell your story, from colors to shapes to layouts, in every medium where your brand appears. 

What’s the Difference Between a Brand, a Logo and Visual Identity?

Your brand is the entirety of your business and messaging in every format. In a sense, it’s the complete personality and appearance of your organization and everything it stands for. 

Your logo is a graphic icon that identifies that brand. It’s a small but important part of your brand story that contributes to your identity.

Your visual identity is the way your entire brand story is communicated visually. Every graphic element associated with your business, in your marketing, products, online and physical presence should support one cohesive visual strategy.   

Build a powerful brand with strategic visual alignment, from your logo to your entire visual identity.

What are the Components of Your Visual Identity?

Your complete visual identity is your brand’s story, messaging and positioning, as told through a strategic logo design and carefully crafted graphic elements that unify your assets and identify your organization, anywhere they appear.

While a logo is simply an icon, your visual identity may include the following elements:
  • Multiple versions of your logo
  • Logo usage guidelines
  • Brand colors
  • Fonts and typefaces
  • Iconography and Illustrations
  • Photography selection guidelines
  • Image treatments and filters

Your identity is not any one of these things, rather, it is the combination of these things that shows the world who you are.

Elements of your visual identity are combined to create cohesion between:
  • Stationary and signage
  • Packaging and product design
  • Merchandise and promotional materials
  • Photography
  • Collateral for prospects, customers and the internal team

Our Approach to Designing Your Logo and Establishing Your Visual Identity

Whether you’re a new company, an established company in need of a visual refresh, or just establishing a new service, our process to establish your visual identity begins with a discovery phase that includes working directly with the creative team who does the work of establishing your identity.

Our branding experts will take your whole brand story, messaging, positioning, industry trends and more into account as we design a holistic visual strategy and logo that helps your business to stand out from the competition, while still fitting in with your industry and the tastes of your ideal buyers. 

Then, our team will present you with logo options, variations and a comprehensive brand use and style guide that shows how to functionally use your brand elements. When applicable, our team can also translate this into an operationalized design system. 

Contact our team to learn more about our logo and visual identity services as part of your overall branding alignment strategy.