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Brand Messaging

Make all of your communication more impactful with messaging that conveys your value proposition in every word.

What is Brand Messaging?

Messaging, unlike positioning, addresses the ways a brand communicates across platforms and media. While an organization generally has one positioning statement, there can be multiple key messages for products, personas, services and more.

Messaging dives into the emotional core of your brand through the details of the language and tone you use, as well as the values behind your content.

Why Develop Brand Messages?

Humans make emotionally-based decisions, despite the strength of logic. It’s the crucial reason why every single brand communication should work to develop that emotional connection that prospects need to make decisions in your favor and that customers need to stay by your side. 

What does that emotion look like?

The relief of finding the right SaaS solution for a growing company. 

The excitement of discovering a new app that improves our lives.

The joy of discovering a product or service that feels made just for you.

A messaging strategy that’s aligned with your brand story, position and visual identity will help you to develop those powerful communications for products or services. It’s also a more effective way of targeting and connecting with specific audiences and in different marketing channels. If you want to be heard, you have to speak in a way that makes the right people listen.

How Does Brand Messaging Work?

As a neutral guide, a brand messaging expert can help your organization to nail down the difficult-to-define emotional appeal of your brand with specific language and tone strategies. We help you to discover the true characteristics of your brand, both internally and externally, by combining qualitative and quantitative research. 

Then, we use that framework to define key messages for your audiences and offerings. For emerging products or brands, we collaborate with founders and early adopters to define product messaging and build excitement that can feed a comprehensive marketing plan. 

Our Approach to Your Brand Messaging

The Impulse Creative team will work alongside you to do the research and define your messaging, from shaping the creative strategy to applying that strategy to your marketing and communications with hands-on help where you need it most. 

We’ll start with a company and product discovery that covers any existing elements of your brand message and everything that we’ll need to create an individual messaging strategy for. Then, we’ll move into the development of buyer personas and target markets, as well as trend and marketplace analysis. All of this data will culminate in the creation of a messaging framework across products and audiences, with strategic recommendations for your brand-wide marketing and communications.

Talk to the Impulse Creative team about your strategic brand messaging today.