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Brand Storytelling

The foundational thread that ties your why to every facet of your communication strategy.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Your brand has a unique, authentic story. Storytelling is the strategy of capturing that message and conveying it to the world. Your brand story should be woven through every part of your written, visual and social identity to drive deep, meaningful connections that develop as your brand becomes a powerful part of someone’s life.

Businesses can no longer be faceless entities. Whether they’re making a personal or professional purchase, customers seek out brands that they identify with. A decision to buy from one company versus another is an extension of the buyer themselves. 

Tell your brand's story more effectively than ever before. 

Why is Brand Storytelling so Important?

Properly telling your story establishes much-coveted authenticity and consistency in how you communicate your brand, which is key when you want to create a lasting impression.  

Brand storytelling is the thread that weaves through all aspects of your company communication and defines the emotion and the perspective of your brand. In addition, it gives the “why” behind what your company does, how it serves and why it even matters. 

Brand storytelling is the GPS for your marketing strategy and product positioning.

A captivating brand starts with a story and remains consistent throughout all aspects of the company. 

How Does Strategic Storytelling Work?

While most brands are great at communicating what they do, most can’t tell a compelling story of why they do it (and why it means something) even if that matters just as much to consumers as the solutions they’re selling. 

Telling a great story is simply a different kind of communication.

With the foundational brand-building work of storytelling in place, every other part of your marketing and branding is easier and works together in a cohesive communication strategy. Beyond social media, recruiting and website design, effective storytelling lays the foundation for our client’s systems and strategies, using who they are at the core to provide the structure and direction for their long-term success.

What does that actually look like? Explore our story and see how we put this strategy to work for ourselves, telling the world how Team Impulse brings brands to life, every day.

Our Approach to Telling Your Story

Our experts have told the story of some of the world’s biggest brands and it all begins the same way, by asking “why?”

Why does your company exist? What does your company stand for? Why did you develop this solution in this way? Why do customers buy from you the first time? Why do customers continue to buy again? Why do employees work for you? Why do you show up to work every day? 

Once we’ve narrated a compelling, authentic story that can be adapted everywhere you need it, we’ll help you weave that narrative through all of your communications marketing and visual identity. Because everything you do, each element of your brand, from the color and texture of your packaging and business cards, to the staff you hire, is part of your brand’s story and should reflect who you are.

Talk to our team about growing your business with brand storytelling.