Databox Partner

Metrics by themselves don’t tell the story of your hard work and smart decisions. Use Databox to explain why you’re tracking specific metrics, what you’re doing to improve them and current progress with the Databoard capabilities.

Why We Love Databox

Are your company’s key metrics at your fingertips? If you’re like most companies, the answer is likely no. This integration provides robust reporting capabilities outside of HubSpot's reporting app. That’s why we introduced Databox into our toolkit.

You can connect virtually all of your data sources to a beautifully designed dashboard system and track your company's performance in a single, easy-to-digest location. Not only that, you’ll gain insights in real-time so that you can get everyone focused on the metrics that matter.



Pull all of your KPIs into one place

View all of your performance data in one place, so you can spend less time checking data and creating reports and more time acting on insights.


Build beautiful visualizations

When data is presented well, it’s easier for everyone to understand. With Databox, you can build beautiful dashboards without any design skills.


No more searching for performance updates

Choose up to 10 KPIs from any data source and get updates sent to you at the time and frequency you prefer.