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After every sales or marketing email campaign someone has to review each reply manually. Eliminate this time-consuming, painful process and take it to the next level with the LeadGnome reply email mining service.

Why We Love LeadGnome

After integration, LeadGnome will automatically mine your emails for contact information to keep your database up to date with the latest information. In addition, it will mine for OOO or “No longer at this address” emails and update your database as needed.

LeadGnome cleans your database, enriches existing leads, adds new contacts, boosts compliance, and discovers sales trigger events automatically. Highlights include:

  • Automate email reply management
  • Increase CRM health
  • Add 20% new contacts / year
  • Boost compliance (GDPR,CASL)




Clean & Enrich Your Database

Achieve 99% email deliverability. Eliminate bad contacts. Find titles, direct dials, and mobile phones.


Accelerate Sales

Add 20% new leads. Identify decision makers, influencers, and cross-sell opportunities.


Engage Customers Faster

Route human replies to lead owners. Take immediate action from shared mailboxes. Eliminate manual forwarding process.