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Sendoso is the world’s first Sending Platform (SP). The fully integrated solution solves sourcing, physical warehouse storage, inventory tracking, and ROI attribution problems so that businesses can send anything and personalize at scale.

Why We Love Sendoso

Buyers are drowning in digital noise and spam: Emails go unopened. Apps get deleted. Ads are ignored. But direct mail is able to rise above the noise and get 30x the response rate of email. Engaging your audience in delightful, tangible, and impactful ways is now easier than ever with direct mail marketing automation.

By integrating Sendoso with your HubSpot portal you can:

  • Automate direct mail and eGift sending based on any HubSpot criteria.
  • Sendoso statuses like sent, delivered, etc. appear in the Contact’s activity feed in HubSpot, so users never have to leave HubSpot for delivery updates.
  • Analyze the success of your gift sending through Sendoso analytics or sync to HubSpot CRM (or Salesforce) to track gift sending success.
  • Leverage email alerts to keep your sales team updated with delivery statuses.


Send eGifts and physical gifts

Sendoso is a SaaS sending platform that sources, warehouses, and manages your company swag, customer gifts, dimensional mailers, eGifts, printed collateral, etc and gives you instant access to send with a click of a button or setup triggers and automations.


Build workflows in HubSpot

HubSpot customers have the ability to create an automated workflow in HubSpot Marketing Hub that will trigger eGifts and physical gifts to any of their contacts. Users simply create a new workflow and webhook that triggers the sending of the item(s) and Sendoso fulfills this request.


Better insights

Sendoso events will show up in HubSpot contact records to track status changes like gift processing, sent, delivered, etc.