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HubLMS Enterprise 2.3 Updates

by Article by Impulse Creative Impulse Creative | Jun 15, 2023 12:48:53 PM

We are working regularly to fix bugs and make improvements to the learner and admin experience of HubLMS. Here's what's live in version 2.3:

Final Exam Improvements

Final exams function within HubLMS as the last step before the awarding of a certificate or credential. While the final exam should be the culmination of all the lessons and resources, it can also serve as additional context to continue to guide learning. 

New Types of Question Options

Previously final exam questions were limited to multiple choice with a single correct answer. Now, version 2.3 allows for multi-select questions and open-ended questions. Multi-select questions can have multiple correct answers and be used to test fact recall, and open-ended questions can be used for answers that require long-form analysis or explanation of connected information. 

Example of HubLMS 2.3's new open-ended question in the course content editor.

All answers are saved in the "My Course" object in CRM where you can review open-ended question submissions as necessary. 

Provide Additional Information Following Exam Completion

Another option to improve the learner experience is to display correct answers following the final exam submission. If appropriate for the type of course, showing correct answers can help learners understand areas of improvement or confusion on topics to successfully pass the course on another try. 

More broadly, Learning Specialists can enable any type of information to show following the exam. Here are some ideas for what to show after a final exam beyond a certificate: 

  • Report on statistics on final exam answers (e.g. 55% of test takers missed question #2)
  • Show recommended modules to review for questions missed.
  • Show a rationale for why the correct answer applies and congratulate the learner on their success. 

Bonus! HubLMS Autosave

Should HubSpot experience any issues, HubLMS now has autosave to ensure that no data is ever lost for course-passed, update-lesson-progress, and create-course serverless functions. 

This also resulted in the removal of inefficient navigation timers as they are now obsolete due to the autosaving functionality. Perceived HubLMS Enterprise operating performance has been improved by at least 60% due to this change.

Theme Settings

We've consolidated all styling options into one area: HubSpot's Theme Settings. This means it's now easier to set up and modify the appearance of your LMS and users can apply styling globally. For example, you can set primary, secondary, and tertiary colors of buttons across HubLMS. 

Multimedia Experience

Now, video playback is done through a unified interface, which has improved playback and layout.

Additionally, the JS object 'videoStatus' can show playback information such as how much of the video has been watched. 


Code and Organization

The following improvements were made to the backend of our product:

  • Project top-level directory renamed to HubLMS-Enterprise. 
  • All paths in all files have been made relative. 
  • Moved hubLMS.functions into the HubLMS directory. 
  • Changed private app key name from oauth_key to HUBLMS_ENT_KEY.
  • Inline CSS styling has been moved into appropriate CSS classes.
  • CSS has been reorganized.
  • require_css and require_js HubL blocks are now used.
  • Variety of GUI adjustments.
  • Code formatting and readability improved (code cleaned up due to new lingering post-processing step).
  • quiz_results JSON object now uses, q, s, and c instead of the longer question, selectedAnswer, and correctAnswer property names in order to save space.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been discovered or reported to our team and fixed in this latest version: 

  • If users click on navigation items like 'Begin Course' multiple times, the activity record will not be recorded separately for each click. 
  • Clicking 'Continue Course' will always guarantee access to the course material. 
  • You can now include special characters in lesson slug generation, names, or courses.
  • Lesson name comparisons are now encoded and decoded for more accurate checking in non-English languages. 
  • Record-writing timeliness is now guaranteed, so future reads of said records will have correct data. 
  • The 'Complete Course' button will update the my_course.status record to "complete."

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