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Marketing Operations and Strategy

Generate fast, scalable and measurable marketing campaigns with an operations-based approach to marketing strategy. 

What is Marketing Operations?

Marketing Operations refers to the people, processes and plans of your marketing, from team members and agency partnerships, to MarTech and integrations, plus strategy and goal alignment. With an operations-minded approach, marketing teams move beyond one-off campaigns to strategically orchestrated, high-velocity initiatives that generate real revenue.

Start seeing past the silos by bringing the whole picture into focus.

Why Operations? Why Now?

Back in the era of Mad Men, marketers primarily focused on identity, message and impressions. As times changed, so did budgets and the measurement requirements of marketing teams. Shifting into the 2020s, marketers are tasked with tying their efforts directly to revenue generated in the pursuit of sales.

A big, flashy ad in the New York Times may be great for qualitative brand awareness, but it is challenging to tie back to quantitative sales metrics. Knowing this, the marketing community, especially the digital marketing community, is hungry to attach performance metrics to their efforts. 

An operations-based marketing strategy enables this by considering all aspects of the acquisition funnel.

How Does Marketing Operations Work?

Your entire customer experience, from content ideation to sale, is a part of this strategic optimization and cross-functional collaboration. Itโ€™s every piece of your marketing, backed by a game-changing foundation of planning, processes, unrelenting analytics and innovative integrations.

Hereโ€™s an example: 

Company X has a brand team, a digital marketing team, a product marketing team and an IT team that all have a hand in the marketing function. Most of the marketing budget is controlled by the digital team, and they are the primary user of the marketing automation platform; however, IT made the marketing technology decision and is the platform administrator. The brand, digital, and product teams all write blog posts, but have different writers and content strategies. Each team is measured on separate KPIs. The sales team often asks how they can get more sales qualified leads. 

Company X has an operations challenge. Communications is broken out into three silos with little connection between them. Their goals may be aligned with some kind of marketing function, but they are not aligned with the companyโ€™s goals and the sales team isnโ€™t sure what leads are ready to be approached. IT is responsible for the technology, but is likely not aware of the strategic role MarTech can plan in revenue development. 

This situation is not usual. If it sounds familiar, thereโ€™s a simple fix: pause, plan and improve. A Marketing Ops approach can help.

A Compass for Measured, Scaleable Results

Marketing Operations forces a mindset that aligns your company and marketing initiatives. It starts with uncovering the data and metrics that matter, then systematically calculating the numbers needed throughout the entire prospectโ€™s journey to a customer. Understanding the leading indicators is the foundation for planning the tactics and strategies to achieve your growth goals.

We work with companies to create a strategic foundation. From there, we collaborate with your team for end-to-end optimization of your entire marketing engine using resources that you may already have, resources we can repurpose and content supplemented by our expert team as needed. 

After the foundational phase, our team works as an extension of yours to craft, plan and execute goal-oriented campaigns while remaining agile and focused on hitting the KPIs needed as we continue to fuel your growth engine.

Whether you need this strategic foundation for your marketing operations, or a hands-on team for any part of the customerโ€™s journey, we have the brainpower to achieve your revenue goals, smarter. 


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