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Revenue Operations

Strive for an effortless customer experience and streamline revenue operations throughout the customer lifecycle.

What is Revenue Operations?

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is a convergence of sales, marketing and customer success that drives full-funnel accountability across the revenue engine. The people, processes and technology that power every part of your customer lifecycle need to be optimized and synchronized under one unified strategy to drive the most revenue and profit possible.

Generate unprecedented growth with a new level of operational alignment.

Why Revenue Operations?

Today’s enterprises are powered by marketing and sales departments that are more dependent upon data and technology than ever before. Many times these roles and technologies that are hyper focused on specific functions create silos and operational inefficiencies. This all leads to the slow down of a company’s revenue pipeline and profitability.

Reinvent your business and how you serve customers, without changing what you do. 

How Does Revenue Operations Work?

A RevOps approach can reverse this progression by examining, restructuring and optimizing the components of your customer lifecycle. By assessing everything, from lead generation and brand awareness to customer success and renewals, we can uncover what it would take to create an effortless customer experience for your organization. Then, the focus shifts to understanding and streamlining your internal operations with processes, technology, execution and automation. 

RevOps in Action: A Frictionless Experience for Customers and Seamless Handoff for Your Team

A RevOps mindset challenges organizations to make it easy to become— and remain— a customer. For many companies, however, the objective is acquisition first then figure the rest out later. In the face of explosive growth, this can create nearly-insurmountable challenges across the customer journey… but there’s almost always a better way. 

Starting at the beginning, an organization develops a marketing strategy that helps grow brand awareness and convert leads to handoff to the sales team. The sales team picks them up, works through their own process and closes them as excited new customers. Then, they hand them to a customer onboarding team who has an implementation and training process before, finally, the customer is passed to their long-term account manager. 

That’s a lot of handoffs for the customer, and if the process isn’t seamless, there are many opportunities to lose revenue, for the new customer to become unengaged, or for the onboarded customer to be confused about their main point of contact. Internally, there are four or more teams who all need to communicate about this customer and their journey. It’s a lot to manage. 

A RevOps Approach to this process might look like this: 


Approach three segments of operations: marketing, sales and service, to document both the ideal process (what the leadership team trains people to do) and the real process (what the team members actually do to make it work), then note what is working and what's not.

Identify Opportunities

Where is there redundancy in tools or technology? What’s lacking? Where are repetitive, manual processes being used instead of automation? Where does the team spend most of their time following up, indicating buyer friction? Where can time, money, or both be saved?

Document Processes

Explain the new process to key stakeholders. Diagram processes, people and technology involved in every step (no matter how small).

Introduce the new process to team members using the system to find any additional gaps.


With everyone onboard and in the know, create the actual structures for this process, including APIs and integrations, CRM, reporting, customer dashboards and other required systems.


Teach your team (and, if necessary, your customers) on the new system. For scalability, document training with written and video documentation, organized into a knowledge base and LMS.

Roll Out, Monitor, Revise

Take the new program live, then constantly monitor and look for opportunities for even more improvement or to stay agile alongside your organization.

In this case, the solution is not to change the way the brand markets or the way sales sells, but to revolutionize and operationalize every handoff point. Instead of sets of Google Sheets that cover onboarding status internally, a HubSpot dashboard with automatic reports reflects the team’s efforts in real-time. A signed contract instantly creates a ticket for an onboarding rep to start their process. Instead of sending five emails to the new client to request information, that rep sends one with a link to the client’s dashboard, which automatically populates status and timeline. Rather than reconciling 100 accounts every Friday, management can see progress at a glance. 

Reducing points of friction throughout this process not only cuts down on internal work— and time spent on administration— but also makes the customer process smooth and seamless, helping with retention, cross-sells and referrals, feeding the revenue machine even more.

An Operational Overhaul of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

With a commanding expertise of enterprise automation platforms and one of the most agile integrations teams in the industry, we align the people, automation, and tech-stack you need for a complete Revenue Operations strategy. 

Our team begins with an extensive audit to understand what makes your business tick and where each piece of the puzzle is today. We examine your entire customer lifecycle, from prospect to repurchase, honing in on anything that’s in the way of a more effortless customer experience, more efficient internal operations and areas with more potential revenue and profit. Then, we’ll work with you to analyze the data, execute a strategy and build an integrated solution that helps your business grow. 

How Impulse Creative Can Help

Your company is building a RevOps department and needs assistance with the foundation:

We can assess how your business operates, define the strategic moves needed and then execute the plan to use a revenue operations approach.

Your company needs a fresh look into the customer lifecycle with a RevOps perspective:

For companies that have an existing revenue team in-house, we can help to assess, create, and launch a new revenue operations process using your existing assets— even building on your existing tech stack.

Your company wants to leverage a RevOps process and plans to outsource RevOps for now:

For those enterprises that need hands-on help long-term, our roster of RevOps experts can operate as your revenue operations team for as long as you need us. 

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