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The front line of your marketing: Blogs are non-negotiable for modern marketing.

Let's Chat About Great Blog Writing

The best blogging services and blog writing will create relevant, engaging content to build credibility and generate leads for your business. This consultation is 100% free and after 30 minutes, you’ll leave the video call with a road map for blogging success, from an actionable review of your current content, to a deep dive into blog strategy, to an understanding of Impulse Creative’s capabilities. 

We’ll follow up with our view of the scale of the blogging project, an initial scope and timeline and we can continue the discussion from there.

Why Blogs are Non-Negotiable for Modern Marketing

Your blog is the front-line of your marketing today. It’s the helping hand you extend to anyone who could use a little advice about your industry. It’s the foundation of a lead-generating machine. When your business solves problems for potential customers online you build trust, improve your SEO ranking, position yourself as an expert and generate traffic to your website. 

Blogging is how you invest in future customers. The content lives on your website forever, actively bringing in traffic and leads for years to come. But it's not an instant "fix." Huge dividends in your investment happen the more blog articles you publish over time. That’s why the Impulse Creative team creates content for every part of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to a making a purchase decision. We are your blogging agency.

We're in This Together

You know your industry. We know content marketing. Together, we can create relevant, engaging content to build credibility and generate leads. Our content blogging services help you build trust and influence sales.

Here’s the Catch: It takes Work.

Whether you're a marketing manager, an executive or the founder, maintaining the strategy and content creation for a blog is difficult. Quality content takes time. Search engine worthy blog articles can take half-a-day to research, write, edit, find images and post. Even if you can find the time, you’ll need a strategy that actively pushes people through your sales funnel.

There’s nothing like a blog to put the wind in the sails of your marketing, but you’ll need some expert guidance to make it successful. We love becoming the blog development service for our clients.

Our Process

We’ll welcome you aboard with a discovery meeting where we get to know more about your business and your customers. Then, we go a little deeper by interviewing your customer-facing team to get a clear picture of your ideal buyers.

Then we use those insights to create a customer survey that discovers their purchasing motivations, pain-points and more. By gathering every possible detail, our team can create detailed buyer personas and address the buyer’s specific emotional need for a solution.

With topics in place, our expert writers and strategists will hone your brand voice to create blog posts and content assets that actively convert site visitors into qualified leads.