Brand Engine


Charting Plans for Strong Brands

Build a Recognizable Brand!

Are you ready to boost your company brand so that it's something that stands for core values of your business and communities the proper message?

This 30-minute video consultation is 100% free. Youโ€™ll leave the conversation with a road map for your brand with an actionable review of your current tone and look, tips for your next steps and an understanding of Impulse Creativeโ€™s capabilities.

Weโ€™ll follow up with our view of the velocity you can tap into with a powerful brand, an initial scope and timeline and we can continue the discussion from there.

Itโ€™s Not Magic, Itโ€™s Smart Strategy

A brand is more than your logo or the pieces of your marketing. Theyโ€™re the foundation of your marketing, the voice and appearance of your business and the unseen force driving sales.

Despite the way many companies approach it, brands donโ€™t happen organically as you create more and more marketing. It takes expertise, intention and strategy.

Whether you're branding a new company or rebranding your business to compete on a whole new level, it takes a team of marketing, sales, design, content and development experts to discover and define your brand.

A strong brand identity can increase your revenue by 10 โ€“ 20%.

Can you afford to not have a plan for your brand?

The Process

Start building trust, authority, and recognition by working with every part of Team Impulse. Together, weโ€™ll identify every branding opportunity for your company. Then, weโ€™ll create a customer-centric plan for an identity that resonates with the right consumers, from voice to visuals.

Our multifaceted approach uses data-based strategy to weave design, development content and marketing into one consistent message. Once your brand plan is in place, weโ€™ll help you to launch, monitor and calibrate every aspect, until youโ€™ve accomplished your goals.

Your Branding

From brand identity and marketing strategy to content and design, we can help you create every element of a strong, impactful brand:

  • Brand and Product Naming
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Creation
  • Slogans and Taglines
  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Voice Creation
  • Editorial Style Guide
  • Brochures and Collateral
  • Print Collateral (business cards, brochures, postcards, signage, etc.)
  • Promotional Products (pens, magnets, mugs, etc.)
  • Environmental Design (billboards, benches, etc.)
  • Rollout Strategy
  • And More