Buying Cycle Development

What You Don’t Know, Can Still Hurt.

It’s important to map out the entire experience of your buyers, from their first introduction to your brand to making a repeat purchase, because anything that can be measured can be improved.

For businesses with long, considered purchase processes, buyers take many steps before ever speaking to a salesperson. A developed buying cycle provides a visual map of that journey.

Increase client satisfaction, retention and repeat business by filling in the gaps of your purchasing process, projecting sales and crafting the exact messaging you’ll need to drive people into making a purchase.

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The Process

In order for sales to be a projectable success metric, you need to know how long it takes for a consumer to buy and what happens in the process. Between the stages of awareness, consideration and decision, there are major milestones that drive purchasing.

Tools like HubSpot’s CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) helps our team to map out the length and events of the sales process. We’ll use that information to help you understand when prospects become prospects, when they become leads, how the leads become qualified, how they become sales qualified and finally, when to turn them into an opportunity.

Consult with our team in a single workshop or a series of workshops, with supplemental meetings as needed, to analyze your process and create a visual map of the buying cycle for your team. Then, we’ll work with you to understand and address gaps through automation or human contact to reach the right people at the right time.

Our Inbound Approach

At Impulse Creative, we think about marketing a little differently. It’s important for us to understanding the buying cycle of our clients because our job isn’t done until you’ve reached your business goals. That requires a solid understanding of the bigger picture.

Give your marketing the foundation it needs to succeed, by starting with a thorough understanding of what your buyers need and when.