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The Hidden Cost of Bad Data

No matter the industry, all organizations collect mounds of data about their customers, spend, performance, etc.

But in today’s age, too much attention is paid to collecting more data, as opposed to making the most of the data you already have.

Unbeknownst to many, data woes cause a lot of waste within organizations. Duplicate contacts, inconsistent formatting, inaccurate or missing dataβ€” all can lead to less efficient and more costly marketing campaigns.

In fact, a recent study found that bad data may cost companies in the U.S. as much as $3 trillion a year.


Data Cleansing Service

We'll help clean up your contact database in HubSpot and set you up for success.

Typical Projects are $699 - $8,000

  • Verify up to 20,000 emails in your database
  • Find and bulk merge duplicate contacts and companies
  • Remove contacts that bounced, unsubscribed, haven't engaged recently, are fake entries or from free email domains
  • Rationalize inconsistent free text values, including titles, roles and industries for better segmentation and reporting
  • Create consistent formatting for names, companies, phone numbers and titles
  • Properly associate contacts with companies and deals

Why Clean Your Data?

Increased Accuracy of Data

Enable decision-makers to get a more accurate picture of the business for daily operations, campaigns and reports. Teams trust the data, develop good habits in data capture, and work effectively together using a system of records.

Increased Accuracy of Data@2x

Improved Productivity

Give your team superpowers to manipulate data at scale. Teams save hours each week by not exporting data to spreadsheets and wrestling with VLOOKUP, mismatching IDs and values or SQL so they can put their attention into high-impact activities instead.

Improved Productivity@2x

Improved Customer Experience

Having multiple records for the same customer leads to wasted time and confusion amongst the team and results in missed opportunities and mistakes. By cleaning and uploading lists properly, you can minimize duplicate contact record issues.

Improved Customer Experience@2x

The Integration & Support You Need

Here at Impulse Creative, we know that data cleaning is more than just erasing broken or outdated records

It can be time-consuming to find and merge duplicate contacts, tricky to establish and maintain consistent formatting and a downright hassle to verify email addresses to reduce bounces. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with one of our favorite HubSpot-Certified App Partners, Insycle, to get you the right tool for organizing, cleansing and updating your data. 

We’ll help you integrate this handy interface into your databaseβ€” to not only clean up your existing information, but to also develop better capturing habits to keep it organized moving forward.

Our Data Cleaning Services

We offer data cleansing services as both a one-time clean-up or on a regular on-going basis.

Those with large databases and high volumes of contact interactions often need a few extra hands managing their data. Luckily, we got you covered well after the initial clean-up.

Ask us about our on-going monitoring

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