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HubSpot Training Workshops.

Instead of spending the next six months to a year learning with HubSpot Academy and blogs, start seeing a return on your investment in three to six months. Learn the strategies that power inbound sales and marketing processes, along with best practices for creating landing pages, calls to action and even email.

It's Time to Explore HubSpot!

While we love HubSpot Academy, it can be difficult to turn those fundamentals and high-level strategies into actionable plans for your day-to-day HubSpot portal use. Our goal is to complement those lessons with hands-on help and customized tactics to get you moving toward your inbound goals faster.

There’s another option out there. Take the shortcut from intermediate to advanced HubSpot use with a one-day on-site workshop for your whole team.

Reach out and start a conversation with a 100% free 30-minute video consultation. We'll go over your goals and timeline so you walk away with a plan. 

The Process

Begin by preparing for workshop day with a series of video calls discussing room set-up, recommended attendees, the agenda and how you’ll move forward once the workshop is over.

Next, we’ll assess your sales, marketing, tech and creative teams and processes to get a full understanding of your situation. A HubSpot portal assessment will round out the data, showing us how successfully (or unsuccessfully) your team has been utilizing their portal. Our training team then utilizes that information to supplement the workshop’s major modules with customized training for exactly what you need.

On workshop day, our certified HubSpot trainers will attack a fast-paced breakdown of HubSpot best practices, tools, tactics, strategies and techniques with workbooks and supporting materials, customized for your business. We’ll even map and create content together as we develop a strategic plan for your buyer’s journey.

After the workshop, get four 30-minute video conferences to work through next steps, address questions and ensure your continued success on HubSpot. Beyond that, the Impulse Creative crew can provide ongoing support and education for your team as they work toward achieving a new level of inbound sales and marketing.

Your Custom Workshop Experience

Do business better as you generate more revenue by harnessing the power of HubSpot and inbound marketing. Unlike HubSpot Academy, this on-site, in-person workshop is customized to your business, industry and goals. You won’t be learning default strategy through videos, we’ll get hands-on and tactical with your day-to- day challenges and needs.

The Hubspot Launch Pad Workshop includes:

  • One eight-hour workshop with two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch
  • Held on location at your office
  • Workbooks and worksheets for each participant
  • Pre-workshop assessment of your HubSpot usage, teams and processes
  • Four post-workshop video calls to follow-up with ongoing support
  • Customized content and tactical strategies for your business

Not sure if this workshop is the right fit for your company? Start with a free HubSpot portal assessment and find out!