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HubSpot Training & Workshops

Sometimes, even marketing and sales professionals who have used HubSpot for years feel like theyโ€™re not using it the right way and consider starting from scratch. Others make the decision to get it and realize theyโ€™re in a little over their heads. Both problems can be easily solved with some expert guidance and training.

Get Ready to Explore HubSpot Workshops

In this initial 100% free consultation, our Growth Strategist will get to know you, your experience and your needs. You'll walk away from the video call with an understanding of what HubSpot training workshop options would like like for you.

You can rest in the fact that our in-house HubSpot experts will train your team and set your tools up for success. Weโ€™ll customize our program for your business.


What You Can Expect in Your HubSpot Workshops

Every HubSpot workshop is different. We customize the experience for the team.

You can also expect a structured journey we've mapped out where we start with a series of pre-workshop video conference calls where weโ€™ll get to know your C-Suite and marketing managers via video conference. We want to know what your goals are, what your challenges are, and how you ultimately want HubSpot to operate in your business.

Next, weโ€™ll prepare your HubSpot portal and plan how weโ€™ll focus and customize your training. Before we arrive, weโ€™ll have instructions, documents and how-to guides for your team.

Once we arrive, weโ€™ll train your team to rock HubSpot in 12 hours of sessions over two days. Theyโ€™ll learn how to run HubSpot the way you need them to, as they work in the HubSpot tools side-by-side with our team.

Everyone will receive assignments that will help to build your solid HubSpot foundation while weโ€™re there to guide them.

Finally, we'll help you set up your HubSpot portal to support your goals and help you make sound business decisions. Choose to have your team take the reins with their new knowledge and confidence or choose to get some ongoing support, for as long as you need it.

That's right. You and your team get support for as long as you need it after we leave, from troubleshooting to tool management.


Are You Ready to Rock HubSpot?

The fact is, HubSpot is a powerful tool that can overwhelm even a veteran marketer. We're here to help you and your team take control and make this revenue operations hub work for your business. 

Are you ready to rock HubSpot and take your marketing, sales and service to a whole new level? Let's set up your HubSpot Workshop today!