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Premium Content Creation.

You want leads for your business. Consumers want information. The right premium content bridges that gap.

Let's Create Great Premium Content Together!

Our initial video consultation is 100% free. After a 30-minute chat with our Growth Strategist, you’ll have a road map for premium content success, from an actionable review of your current content and goals, to tips for your creation process, to an understanding of Impulse Creative’s capabilities.

We’ll follow up with our view of the scale of the project, an initial scope and timeline and we can continue the discussion from there.

Information is Currency

Think of a valuable, relevant resource created for your ideal customer. Maybe it’s an eBook about DIY plumbing they download, a software training video they watch, an infographic on marketing technologies they share or a mortgage calculator to help them. Premium content is a free, deep offer that prospects trade their contact information for. It's what builds trust between you and your ideal clients.

Shiny websites, clever social media or eye-catching ads alone won’t make that happen. You need premium content to serve your personas. Make an offer they can’t refuse: free content for a little personal information.

That’s how you earn trust and prove you know what you’re talking about.

How We Help Businesses Create the Perfect Content

Our in-house team of talented marketing professionals creates perfect premium content from start to finish by using real data and working directly with your team. Begin with an outline interview where we help you to decide what content format is best for targeting your ideal buyer. Choose a content strategy for the phase of the buyer’s journey you want to target:

Awareness: Show buyers how to solve a problem and reach them when they first begin searching for answers.

Consideration: Help your buyer confidently weigh their options for solving their problem.

Decision: Explain exactly what they’re about to buy, so they easily can place an order without unanswered questions.text that should be updated. 

Next, we’ll balance the social currency. We ensure that the value of the content will have the same value as the questions you’ll ask on the form required to download. Our scientific format for calculating this is simple: Better Content = More Info.

Once you’re excited about a concept, we’ll get to work, using research, data and interviews to write, design or create completely original content on behalf of your company.

After you’ve had the opportunity to provide edits and feedback, you’ll receive the polished, finished product, ready to launch. As a bonus, we’re awesome at premium content and use a tight process that leads to fast turnaround times.

(We hate surprises. So don’t expect any on your invoice or in your document. We only deliver 100% finished, high-quality content.)

Let's Create Great Premium Content Together

Collaborate with our team to create relevant, powerful content that makes you look like a helpful hero, while you’re feeding your sales pipeline.

Here are some examples of what we do:

  • Ebooks: an informative, nonfiction, digital publication that’s shorter than an actual book 
  • Pillar content: an eBook type of webpage (2000+ words) that scores major SEO points
  • Calculators: a tech tool designed to generate data that makes decisions easier
  • Worksheets: tools for planning, organizing and prioritizing
  • Webinars: an informative online seminar for dropping knowledge bombs
  • Any other asset you need