Hi. 👋 I'm Rachel.

Meet the crew of Impulse Creative. Our #9to5, and our #5to9.

Rachel Satow

Marketing Strategist

I'm Impulse Creative's Marketing Strategist. I help companies plan and optimize their marketing communication and operations to create better connections with their ideal customers.

My #9to5:
  • Provide expertise and strategic insight to clients
  • Collaborate and brainstorm new opportunities and tactics with the Inbound Team
  • Implement data-driven recommendations for maximum results
  • Analyze, optimize and simplify communications and operations
My #5to9:
  • Wannabe Captain Marvel / Marvel addict
  • Avid mountain biker #SendIt
  • Obsessive dog mama
  • Craft beer enthusiast
  • Ensuring a few of the paths in my life are dirt, shout out to John Muir for that nugget
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