Technical Engine

Customer Experience Platform

Strive for an effortless customer experience that the heart of your company needs.

Why Focus on The Customer Experience? 

When customers don’t even have to think about continuing to buy from or partner with your organization, you’ve reached the peak of customer-focused operations, as well as the pinnacle of revenue growth and retention opportunities. Solving for the customer is the best way to build your brand, live your vision, effectively market, sell with velocity and scale your business. 

We call the engine that powers it all the Customer Experience Platform.

What’s a Customer Experience Platform?

An effortless customer experience (CX) starts with removing the negative friction points that live throughout the customer lifecycle. We design and build the digital foundation that acts as the root of your customer experience. By diving deep into your business processes, we can make a platform that acts as a seamless transition for your prospect to customer.

At Impulse Creative, we believe the heart of your business should be the customer experience, and the heart of your platform should be a solution like HubSpot— that integrates your website platform (CMS) with your customer and prospect database (CRM). With this level of data integration, you’re able to operationalize internal processes, personalize workflows, anticipate customer needs and serve the right message at the right time, all while measuring performance from the top of your funnel through the renewal process.

Building the CX Platform of Your Dreams

Every business has different customers and different needs, especially when it comes to your customer experience. Engaging with us starts with an in-depth discovery and customer journey-mapping exercise. Our team will interview, witness and experience the journey as a customer. From there, we report back with an analysis in the areas that have operational inefficiencies as well as ideas on streamlining the experience for your customer. We learn about your business units, the problems those teams have today and the questions customers ask. Then, we consider your growth goals and how to provide customers with information that answers the questions they didn’t know to ask yet. 

Imagine an Effortless Customer Experience

It’s our job to build the system, process, and platform, combining your CMS, CRM, apps and other tools into revenue operations dashboards that turn the heads of both customers and competitors. Many times, the deployment is a complex, phased approach, but the end product is an effortless experience for your customers and team. We’ll make it easier for you to grow, retain and serve your customer base.

How can we work together to build your customer experience platform? Let’s talk.