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10 Maiden Voyage Conversations to Binge During the Holidays

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | December 13, 2019 at 8:00 AM

The holidays are here and you need something to fill the travel time. Whether you’re driving or flying to a Hanukkah celebration, or if you’re out for a walk to burn off the Christmas calories, finding a podcast to binge should be on your list this season.

Maiden Voyage is a video and audio podcast series by the ladies of Impulse Creative. Their mission is to relate, inspire, laugh and learn all while empowering women in the professional world. 

Over two seasons they’ve covered a ton of topics with great guests. Here are 10 binge-worthy episodes for you during the holidays:

1: Networking Like a Queen 

New Year, New You! On this episode the Maidens explore networking in the modern business world as women. 

Whether you want to find a new job, you’re returning to the workforce or you’re beefing up your network, connecting with other people can be both rewarding and challenging. 

The ladies offer tips and experiences on what to do—and not do—to ensure successful networking.


Bonus: Networking Like a Queen Part 2, an Interview with Kara Weber. 

This first-hand account from a Young Professional’s board member on how to make new connections is a great follow-up to Networking Like a Queen Part 1!


2: Learn About the IEP Method with Anese Cavanaugh

Anese Cavanaugh is an award-winning speaker, advisor, teacher and thinking partner to some of today's most innovative organizations and business leaders. 

She joined the women of Maiden Voyage to explore her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and advisor/coach and how the Intentional Energetic Leadership (IEP) Method works. 

Pay special attention to Anese’s story about when she decided to create the life she wanted while scooping ice cream at 14 years old. She’s inspiring!


3: Unlock Your Contagion Factor with Anese Cavanaugh

The Maiden Voyage hosts are big fans of Anese Cavanaugh. She came back for a second conversation when her second book dropped to talk about how to unlock your own power to influence, lead and create the impact you want.

Listen in to help you gain control of your energetic presence and be a better leader at work and in life. 


4: Tips for Negotiating Salary

Get inspiring and useful tips on how to talk money and get what you want at work. 

Research shows that on average women make about 80% of what men get paid. Each of the hosts of Maiden Voyage has a personal story to go along with the general stats. Plus, you’ll walk away with tactical tips on negotiating pay!


5: Become Your Own Lady Boss with Dress Downs Founder: Simone Magee

Dress Downs is a fashion solution women can add to a dress that keeps the dress from blowing all over. Founder Simone Magee these weights after having what she called “an embarrassing Marilyn moment while walking in downtown Chicago a few years ago.”

On this episode the ladies explore what it’s like to launch a product, build a business and run a company as a woman.


6: Double Standards in the Workplace

Tattoos, piercings, hair color and other body adornments … can women have the same as men without repercussions? 

On this episode of Maiden Voyage, your hosts share stories about the difficulties they’ve faced over fashion over the years. 

From hair extensions at banks to tattoos in offices to nose rings at car dealers, the women have had to deal with people being down on their decisions. Do you face the same issues? 


7: The Joys of Middle School

From shows to movies to plays, middle school is an obsession. We either loved it or hated it… mostly hated it. This episode starts with a chat about the Hulu show Pen 15.

If you want to hear how middle school impacted the ladies of Maiden Voyage, this episode is for you. And don’t worry, no one is going to stuff you in a locker or start a rumor about you. 


8: The Challenges of Owning a Marketing Agency with Trish Lessard

Trish Lessard is the co-founder of fellow HubSpot partner marketing agency Media Junction. Proving that your competition doesn’t have to be your enemy, and that a rising tide lifts all vessels, Maiden Voyage welcomed Trish to the show to explore what it’s like to be a woman in the world of marketing today.

Trish is fourth generation entrepreneur and loves what she does. She started the company in 1997 as a web design company and has helmed the ship to become a full service web design and inbound marketing agency. 


9: Controversy of Women Using the Exclamation Point!

Do you judge people by their punctuation? Studies show that women are judged more often by their punctuation in the workplace.

On this episode, the women of Impulse tackle this issue with personal stories and advice for women communicating without judgement.

Here’s the article referenced in the conversation: Should You Use Exclamation Points in a Work Email?


10: Travel for Work More Efficiently 

Does preparing to travel for work, and the travel itself, look different for women than for men?

You know it does! On this episode Jackie, Courtney, Jenn and Rachel unpack what it means to travel and how they navigate how they have safe, comfortable and enjoyable travel experiences. 

Hear personal stories and get real-world tips to prepare for leaving home for work!


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