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15 Strategy Sessions to Prepare You for Success in 2020

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | December 27, 2019 at 8:04 AM

Strategy. It’s critical to growth, yet seems elusive in the day-to-day busyness we get into. 

Blog articles to write, social media to schedule, offers to create, email nurturing to optimize, website modules to move, analytics to investigate… where’s the time to strategize? 

While podcasts have helped bring information to our ears, it can be hard to even make time for content there when some shows run north of an hour in their duration. 

It’s enough to make a marketer crawl in a hole. 


Instead of throwing it all away and just checking items off a to-do list, what if you spent 15 minutes with experts in the field who bring real strategy to you? 

George B. Thomas, Impulse Creative’s Inbound Evangelist and Sprocket Talk mastermind, brings you just that with The 15-Minute Strategy Podcast. 

Each episode is about 15 minutes and full of great insights to help you in your busy life find time to learn strategy and implement it at your company. 

Here’s a list of 15 strategy sessions to help you grow. Whether you’re ready to binge during the end of the year holiday season (when this is being published) or any time of year you’re feeling like you need a strategy boost, these 15 sessions are for you. 

1) Michael Stelzner: YouTube as a Business Strategy

In this episode of The 15-Minute Strategy Podcast, George talks with Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing World 2020 #SMMW20 about several sales tips for businesses leveraging YouTube!

Michael talks about YouTube thumbnails, watch time, session length, and so much more when it comes to using YouTube as a sales and marketing channel for your business. Listen in as Michael shares his super-secret sales tip to you the listener.

2) Kathleen Booth: Amazing Business Newsletter Strategy

Are you looking for a way to communicate with your prospects, leads, and customers? Do you want it to be in a way they love and engage with? 

On this installment of the podcast, George and Kathleen Booth from Prevailion talk about how to create an amazing newsletter that your audience wants to read and engage with.

In this episode Kathleen shares the amazing "C's" to creating an amazing business newsletter strategy for your company. She also sprinkles in a few examples along the way for you to check out after you are done listening.

3) Doug Davidoff: Fighting Against Commoditized Sales Teams

Do you know what your prospects, leads, and customers really want? Maybe. But is that what they really need.

In this episode, George talks with Doug Davidoff from Imagine Business Development about how to fight against being a commoditized sales professional or team.

Listen in as Doug takes us through understanding a modern sales playbook and what that means when fighting against being possibly looked at as a commodity in your role as a sales professional.

4) Mark Schaefer: Own Your Strategy

In this episode, author Mark Schaefer uncovers how important knowing and having your own business strategy is to your future success.

Mark shares how you can get your team on the same page and how your customers are vital to that journey. Mark talks about being humble, understanding what your customers are truly buying, and the power of great questions.

5) Dane Golden: YouTube Paid Ads for Business Growth

In this episode, Georgher talks with Dane Golden from vidiup.tv about how to leverage YouTube paid ads for your business growth.

Dane talks about how some/most folks think about YouTube paid ads. How his company and clients think about and use YouTube ads for success. As well as how you can use YouTube ads to help accelerate your business growth with a paid YouTube ads strategy that works. Come with us as we dive into the deep end of the strategy pool with Dane Golden.

6) Franco Valentino: Website Speed as an SEO & Business Strategy

Franco Valentino from SEO Narrative talks with George about the four ways you can speed up your website and stop losing revenue dollars.

Franco shares some amazing tips on server selection, image optimization, tools to measure your site speed and so much more. He even talks about adding a CDN to the mix and how that can dramatically change your site's performance as well as enable some additional features your sire does not have as a standalone location.

7) Dan Moyle: Strategy of Podcast Guesting

In this episode, we talk with Dan Moyle from our very own Impulse Creative about how to leverage podcast guesting as a business growth strategy. 

Dan shares what podcast guesting is, how it can impact your personal as well as business brand as well. Dan shares the power of thought leadership, growing and engaging a community as well as leading with value. 

Dan even shares all the items you should have in place before, during and after your podcast interview. 

8) Don Stanley: The Strategy of Being a Good Human Company

Are you creating a culture of being human? More and more consumers want to do business with companies that they know, like, and trust. In other words, they want to do business with companies and the humans in them that are a lot like themselves. 

Don Stanley from 3 Rhino Media stops by to talk about how important of being human as an individual brand, company brand, and company culture.

In this episode, Don Stanley walks us through his thoughts and some great examples of this strategy of being human.

9) Antoine Dupont: Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

In this episode, hear Antoine Dupont talk about Facebook video as a business strategy. We talk about testing, targeting, and much more.

Antoine shares some great examples, reasons, and mindsets to put into play as you journey down a video strategy on Facebook. He covers the where, the why, and the how for getting started and saving money with facebook ads, and videos working in perfect harmony.

10) Aaron Walker: Mastermind Group Business Strategy

Are you looking for a way to make an impact? want to create a lucrative arm to your already existing business. 

In this episode, learn from Aaron Walker of View From the Top about how powerful mastermind Groups can be as a business strategy.

You’ll learn how creating your very own mastermind groups can do that and so much more. Sit back and listen Aaron talk about how these close-knit groups create more authenticity and engagement than you may have ever imagined.

11) Jonathan Christian: 21st Century Networking

In this episode, Jonathan Christian and George talk about Jonathan’s amazing 21st-century digital networking strategy for personal and business growth.

He shares how he picks who to listen and engage with as well as some tools and success stories born out of being human.

12) D.P. Knudten: Personal Brands, Corporate Brands, Stallions and Stables

Are you wondering if you should build a personal brand or just rest on the brand that is the corporate brand of the company you work at?

It’s time to dig into the importance of personal brands inside the corporate and digital world.

In this episode of the 15-Minute Strategy podcast, we talk about stallions, stables, and why in a digital world you need to be your own powerful brand. Listen in as D.P. Knudten from Non-fiction Brand shares what this means and how to accomplish it today.

13) Ryan Hanley: Customer Feedback Strategy

Are you asking your customers the questions you should or simply making assumptions?

In this episode, learn from Ryan Hanley with Hanley Media about how important paying attention to your customer feedback is to the success of your business.

Ryan shares why customer feedback is important. How to collect the feedback as a team. As well as how to make sure you are paying attention to the right feedback to make the right decisions moving forward.

14) Bryan Kramer: Imposter Syndrome, Fear and Co-Leadership

In this episode of The 15-Minute Podcast George and Bryan Kramer talk about leadership, fear, imposter syndrome, and climbing your mountain of success and or significance.

Bryan takes us on a journey into changing perspectives, understanding where you are on the mountain, as well as how to deal with fear, regret, and imposter syndrome along the way. If you want to be a leader or are in leadership, this is the episode for you!

15) Mark Schaefer: Marketing Emotion Over Technology

Mark Schaefer returns to the list for one of 15 Minute Strategy podcast’s bonus episodes. This time, it’s video! Watch (and listen) as Mark and George unpack what it means to strategically market emotions rather than jst features and technology.

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