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4 Ways to Make Sure You Never Run Out of Content Ideas Again

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | January 29, 2016 at 8:30 AM

Context marketing is a huge part of your adherence to the inbound methodology. But knowing it’s important and being able to regularly come up with informative, entertaining industry-related information for your blogs and social media postings are two very different things. So what do you know when your tanks are ruContent_Writing_idea.jpgnning empty and you can’t come up with anything remarkable to say? Try one or more of these tips to get you back to creating that fantastic content that will make you a thought leader in your industry:

#1 Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Your potential customers who are at the top of the funnel are taking to the internet to search for answers to their problems, problems they don’t know yet your company can solve. To gain these visitors, use your content to answer their questions. You can learn which questions you should be focusing on several different ways:

  • Monitoring blog comments
  • Asking the Smarketing Team what questions they’re asked
  • Pulling in your social media followers for help

#2 Speak With Your Buyer Persona Inspiration

The best source of information about your potential customers is your current customers! When you were creating buyer personas initially, you probably interviewed individuals who are living personifications of your buyer persona. Hopefully you didn’t toss these and can re-contact the people. If they were open to talking with you in the past, they may be available to do it again. Ask them what content would be helpful to them, and chances are pretty good that it applies to people like them across the board.

Content_Writing_Happy.jpg#3 Take a Broad Topic and Make it Niche

If you analyze how authoritative sites in other industries are doing their content marketing, you can often take ideas from them and adapt them to your own niche. For an example, a blog on a well-ranking remodeling website titled “10 Modern Cabinet Ideas” can be slightly changed to “Looking to Make Your Yacht More Modern? Try New Cabinets” for your website trying to sell high-end yachts. Often times, all you need is a great idea and catching topic and you can do the rest yourself.

#4 Monitor Your Competitors and Expand

Keep an eye on your competitors. When they publish a piece of content, read it to see if you could improve upon the idea or make it better. Take their good ideas and make them great! You don’t want to rely solely on this tactic, because you will be limiting yourself to topics they have already published about and you won’t be reaching out into different ideas. But if you’re in a bind and can’t get started on a certain day, monitoring them for general ideas may just be the thing you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Content marketing isn’t easy, but it’s certainly worth it. Content marketing, when done correctly, will mean your company is 13x more likely to see positive ROI from your inbound marketing than those who don’t have a blog according to HubSpot. That’s just only one statistic that shows how important creating, publishing, and sharing new content on a regular basis is. Looking for more? Impulse Creative offers a free eBook The Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketers for those who are just getting started with content marketing. Download it today!

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