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How the Right CMS Frees Up Developers to do the Work They Love

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | May 6, 2020 at 8:30 AM

Developers: Do you want to spend time updating your company’s website? Color changes, grammar edits or swapping out images? Or would you rather spend your time building an app or other technology experience for users? 🤔

If you’re a web developer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of web applications and building API connections and server side models, then changing a header seems like an inefficient use of your time. 

A CMS that Works for Developers and Marketers

With the right content management system (CMS), developers can build a website using the tools that fit their needs and simplify their job. Then they can enable the marketing team to make those last-minute updates on their own with flexible settings built into themes. 

That’s why we love the HubSPot CMS Hub. It allows our developers to create a kick ass website that the marketing team can run with, and make small edits without having to come back to the developers. 

Prehistorically, front-end web developers work on the forward facing side of the website, which could include changing images, checking links and placing call-to-action (CTA) buttons where they need to go. 

Basically this front-end person was responsible for making sure that all of the content that is needed for the website is clear, visible and located in the right place. They made sure that the right colors are set like text colors, background colors and more. 

That job has evolved over the years and today often rests more in the hands of marketers. But that means developers often get asked for help. Instead, when a developer uses CMS Hub they set it all up for the marketing team to be able to make changes to the website without having to know code or break it. 

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CMS Hub Solves for Developers

When you use a tool like HubSpot’s CMS Hub, you’re taking a more guided approach where marketing teams can make small edits or changes to their pages after a developer creates the framework you want using modules, templates and CSS. 

What’s great is that HubSpot has given developers the ability to structure the most efficient method of creating the required program while making sure that it is secure, scalable and easy to maintain.

Many web developers focus more on the deep work of backend development and server platform integrations; they have to deal with the server-side (and prefer it).

This means that they are responsible for setting up a server with a fullstack setup of an OS typically Linux/Windows, a web server (Apache/IIS), a database (MySQL/MSSQL) and the coding language (PHP/NodeJS/Ruby/C#). This deep work not only includes creating clean, efficient code that does what you want it to in the quickest way possible, it's also about website speed. Website speed is a major consideration when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and is a large factor for marketers looking to get an extra edge.

This also gives developers the time and bandwidth to work on web applications that take the website experience to a new level. It’s a win-win for marketers and developers, which helps your business grow better, faster.

So here’s the thing. Do you want to be the marketing team’s assistant or do you want to spend your time working on what you love? If you’re a developer interested in exploring the HubSpot CMS Hub as an option for your business’s website, we can set up a conversation to compare what you’re using now with how life might look with HubSpot. 

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