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How to Drive Real Estate Leads with Content?

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | September 28, 2016 at 9:00 AM

real-estate-leads.jpgReal estate agents are never off the clock. Agents work late evenings and most weekends so they can always be available to answer a question or show a lead through a home. Although most agents don’t realize it, their website is logging even more hours every week! All day and all night, your site is either driving leads to your service, or driving them away. We gathered a few of our best tips for creating content that drives leads.

Great Static Content

With constant influx of new MLS listings, agents always have a great content foundation. Although there is legally little than can be altered about an MLS listing, we encourage agents to optimize each listing. Do descriptions make buyers want to pick up the phone right now? Do the listings include HD photos and video? Are keywords in the listing linked back to your own informative blog content? These little changes keep visitors on the site longer, while also building trust and demonstrating expertise.

Blog Consistently

Although our last post detailed the reasons for creating a blog, it’s not enough to write a few superb blog posts and walk away. Like any other aspect of business, it requires constant upkeep. The benefit is twofold. First of all, Google’s algorithm prioritizes fresh content, so a three month old post won’t increase your ranking and generate more traffic. Furthermore, consistent blogging shows visitors you are engaged and passionate about your real estate business.

Generate Long-Form Content

These downloadable guides are extensive explanations of a specific topic. These are the most shared of all types of content. For shareable results, follow these 3 basic rules:

  1. Formal tone: imagine this piece will be read by a business manager
  2. Professional design: adherence to the latest design trends increases credibility and readability
  3. Actionable: drive readers to take the next step towards a conversion

The combination of these factors will immediately establish you as an expert who can be trusted, which is why we emphasize closing with a strong Call to Action. If you are struggling to come up with a topic, string together a few posts revolving around a specific topic, and simply add a dose of formality to the tone.

Superb Videos and Photography

An essential part of presenting a relevant website is incorporating quality video and relevant photography. On social media outlets, we’ve witnessed some of the highest engagement numbers with video content. By adding flyovers or walkthroughs to a listing, agents can keep visitors on the website longer, while also providing useful information. Furthermore, as younger web-savvy millennials start purchasing homes, outdated picture and video content will make the website seem irrelevant.

Include Strong Calls to Action

Although some marketers believe the Call to Action is a bit too “salesy” for organic marketing, CTAs actually keep visitors engaged with the content. Sometimes visitors will click around the site so long they forgot why they were there in the first place; a good CTA reminds visitors of the end-goal.

Now, it’s time for our Call to Action

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