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How to Grow Your Email List Organically

by Article by Rachel Begg Rachel Begg | March 26, 2015 at 4:36 PM

Email-EggsEmail lists are some of the most valuable assets that companies have when it comes to their marketing efforts. With a long list of email contacts, a company will have a much better chance at bringing in new business from qualified prospects that may be interested in what the business has to offer. Unfortunately, paying for leads or trying to quickly grow an email list through other artificial tactics is not always effective. For this reason, the matter of how to grow your email list organically has been considered by a variety of organizations and marketers. Here are some of the best strategies available for building your email list in a natural way.

Old-Fashioned Pen and Paper

In the current age where everything is digital and online, it is easy for some people to forget that not long ago, paper was the dominant method of communicating and transcribing. One excellent way to build your email list organically is by putting a fishbowl or paper list in your store or showroom. If your company attends trade shows, conventions, or hosts its own parties or events, make sure that you also offer up these lists for attendees at these places.

Contact Old Customers

One of the best ways to grow your email list with little effort is getting in touch with other customers that have done business with you in the past. You don't need a very strong reason to call these past customers; you could say that you wanted to let them know about a new product or service that your business is offering, or just let them know that you are updating your records and want to make sure you have their correct information.

Don't Forget Physical Signs

While thinking about how to grow your email list organically, don't ignore the physical areas around your business. There are many places you can put signs to entice people to join your email list. If you have a store or space where customers will be visiting, any number of prominent places in these areas will do. Once you have covered your own territory, think about how you can branch out. Are there any businesses in your community that people in your target demographic visit often? Talk to the business owners and see if you can come up with a mutual plan for advertising; most likely, they also stand to gain from your help.

Involve Your Employees

You may not realize it, but your staff has access to a built-in social network that is probably filled with people who would be a good fit for your products or services. Statistics show that when a company's employees share content on their personal social media accounts, the content has a 151% wider reach than when it is shared by the company directly. By encouraging your employees to leverage their networks to build up your email list, you can grow your list exponentially and in a very organic way. To really ramp up employee engagement as it relates to building your email list, you could hold a contest that rewards the employee who signs up the most people.

These tips on how to grow your email list organically will help you find new customers effectively without having to resort to spamming or other disingenuous tactics.