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Two Truths and a Lie: How to Save the Most Time Working with an Agency

by Article by Dan Moyle Dan Moyle | March 17, 2020 at 4:23 PM

Strategic planning. Blog article writing. Social media posts. Gotta make that video. Where’s the podcast? 

It’s tough being a marketing manager today. 

Partnering with the right marketing agency you can trust, who can help you become the marketing rock star you know you are, can help you save time while making a difference at your company. 

Want to know how to save time working with an agency? Let’s play two truths and a lie. In these three tips on how to save time as a marketing manager by working with a marketing agency, can you spot the lie?

Over-Communicate with the Team

Communication makes all the difference in an agency relationship. Using all the tools available like email, Slack, social messaging, DMs, phone, text and others will help ensure you’re saving time. 

One thing to remember though is to take the time to thoughtfully read, consider and communicate rather than hurrying through messages. Haste can lead quickly to misunderstandings, which is why over-communicating with the team is critical.


Delegate Things Like Deep Content

Whether it’s a digital guide, a video series, an infographic or a podcast production, delegation of content creation can help you save time as a marketing manager working with an agency partner. 

Want to make it even more efficient? Have a brand guide and content briefings to help ensure your agency team can move quickly and with confidence.

Pass It Off and Don't Think About It

Want to really save time working with an agency to outsource your marketing? Pass off all the marketing work to them and don’t think about it again. 

When you work with the right agency, all you’ll ever need is the occasional update from a dashboard. You’ll be able to work on anything else you’d like or need without having to think about your marketing again!

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So What’s the Lie?

Can you tell which statements on saving time working with a marketing agency to outsource are the truths and which is the lie? 

First, communication truly is the key to success. Famous playwright George Bernard Shaw is known for the quote, “The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” 

communication quote george bernard shaw

So make sure you’re over-communicating, which includes receiving and asking if you’ve been received.

Over-Communicate with the Team - Truth ✔️

Next, delegating deep content. 

Let’s think about what it takes to create an in-depth piece of content like an ebook or a well-planned infographic. You’ve got research, writing, proofing, editing… it’s a lot! 

When you can delegate to a trusted premium content creator, you’re saving that time so you can focus on strategic planning, building your marketing team or other pressing issues. 

Delegate Things Like Deep Content - Truth ✔️

If it’s not obvious, the next one is probably the lie. Let’s break it down. 

Delegation is great. But passing everything off, a set-it-and-forget-it strategy, really won’t save you time. The business-agency relationship works best when it’s a collaboration. However, you shouldn't have to “project manage” them and hold their hand. There’s a great middle ground to be had. 

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When you’re able to collaborate with your marketing agency, you’ll save time. If instead you’re passing it all off and hoping for the best, you’re much more likely to end up “putting out fires” and rebuilding what they’ve done. That’s not a time saver.

Pass It Off and Don't Think About It - Lie ❌

At Impulse Creative, our mission is to embrace an inbound philosophy to help our clients reach their prospects & customers with a consistent message to help them grow their companies. Everything that our company is about is built around the core concept that companies need certain elements to enable organic growth. Our team of professionals are here to make that happen. While many of our services are often bundled together with others. 

We’re also big fans of saving you time and creating efficiencies in your work so you’re a rock star at your company. Look for a marketing agency partner who wants to do that, and you’re sure to save time outsourcing the right marketing needs for your business.

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