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HubSpot Releases Anonymous Personalization With Its CRM

by Article by Remington Begg Remington Begg | September 16, 2014 at 5:00 PM

HubSpot New CRM releasedHubSpot just used their Inbound Conference 2014 as a platform to announce some remarkable news and as inbound marketers we couldn’t be more excited! With the release of their very own free HubSpot CRM, comes a plethora of new tools. Not only are there new sales tools, and a Sidekick to Signals, but perhaps the most thrilling addition are the marketing tools. If you love inbound marketing as much as we do, you’ll be giddy at the sight of the new anonymous personalization tool from HubSpot’s CRM.

To date, HubSpot has allowed you to personalize content for your contacts within the system. Starting today, you’ll now be able to personalize content for all visitors that come to your website. Mind blowing - we know. This is particularly useful for us inbound marketers, because context is everything in providing content for our visitors, leads, and customers. This new tool will allow you to personalize content in three ways at an anonymous level:

1. By country

You are now able to create smart rules based on country. This is considered the country your visitor is coming from when navigating the site. You can use this tool to change pricing with different currencies, set up different addresses and phone numbers based on where visitors are coming from, and anything else that is considered valuable from visitors’ locations.

2. By device

Smart content can also be made for each device your visitor comes to the site from. If someone is visiting from a mobile device, you can lighten up content so that it is easier for them to read. This works well with HubSpot’s COS that is already optimized for mobile through response design.

3. By source

Create personalized content based on where each of your visitors comes from, whether it be organic search, social media, referrers, email, or direct traffic. You can also personalize at an even more intimate level such as just to Twitter users, Facebook users, or a specific referral site.

The anonymous personalization tool within HubSpot’s CRM only scratches the surface of the fun, new aspects announced by HubSpot today. The combination of their marketing tools, sales tools, and Sidekick to Signals update can only be described as the “icing on the cake” to your inbound marketing plan. HubSpot has done it again making sales and marketing simple, savvy, and successful. Thanks for making our jobs even more rewarding HubSpot, we can’t wait to get started with these new goodies! 

You can download your free HubSpot CRM now by clicking below.